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Simple as that


Our AI software creates a neural network, mirroring the process of the human brain itself, that inspects the stone and professionally grades it within 60 seconds.

Current deep learning technologies are particularly good when dealing with few images, preferably captured from a single view point, not unlike eyes inspecting the world.​

However, to truly inspect a diamond, the diamond has to be inspected from all angles. No available deep learning technology is suited for such a task, and therefore G-View developed a unique deep learning technology, specifically tailored for diamonds, that inspect the stone from 150 angles simultaneously.

G-View unique AI technology is based on a proprietary deep learning technology specifically developed for diamonds. While traditional machine learning technologies that are currently used in the diamond industry use a single artificial neuron, deep learning allows us to connect tens of thousands of artificial neurons together into a single artificial brain.

The algorithm’s inputs are 360 degree scans from a shelf product already in common use in the diamond industry, and the output is a professional grading with plotting, fully comparable to what would be produced by a human grader.

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