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Since 2016, G-View has been developing a blockchain solution for luxury brands to allow for transparency across the entire supply chain, and creates added value for the brand and for consumers. This is accomplished by providing for each item proof of ownership and authenticity, as well as other digital documents that indicate the product’s quality.


G-View’s solution provides every brand with a blockchain-based “Digital Wallet.” Each brand’s Wallet produces further item-specific Digital Wallets which are issued to consumers, and accessed via an intuitive, easy-to-use application.

Using this Digital Wallet, consumers can view proof of authenticity, item history, proof of ownership, and any other relevant information the brand may wish to display. Consumers can access the item’s Digital Wallet only after purchasing the item from the brand.

The relationship created by G-View’s solution promises to prevent counterfeiting and also gives the brand control over the second-hand market. The primary distinction of G-View from other available solutions is that it gives brands the unique capacity to share relevant information with consumers while maintaining complete control to protect the privacy of the consumer and of the brand.

G-View’s patented solution allows for swift on-boarding and—uniquely—lets brands retain full control over information throughout the process. By contrast, other available solutions involve relatively lengthy on-boarding, and control of the blockchain and associated data is retained by a third party. G-View’s patented solution creates a sustainable model for enjoying all the benefits of blockchain, while helping major brands to distinguish themselves from others, creating an avenue for substantially increased conversion rates. 

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